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"Tried the veggie pizza with 1/2 pesto and 1/2 chipotle sauce. The pizza with the pesto sauce was one of the best veggie dishes I have ever tried. The collard wrap was very good, but the veggie pizza will have me coming back for more! I was on a date and we both loved the veggie pizza the most. The sweet potato fries with chipotle sauce was also very tasty! " James D., TripAdvisor - View Here
"SO good! I am not by any means a vegan or vegetarian but I love a good healthy place to eat while traveling as much as I do. I was ready for some organic juices, salads and something new to try. By the waitress suggestion, I had the "Mental Lentil" and that has to be tastier than ANY burrito I've ever had in my life and the portions are huge. It was pretty pricey, but when you are eating organic, we all know it costs a bit more. However, I was left with a whole half to take with me and I'm STILL full. Cute place, little hard to find but worth it when you do locate it. I will come back when I am in Miami again. YUMMMY!" Yvonne O., Yelp - View Here
"Even a non-Vegan loved it! I went for dinner last week with a friend who is a vegan. The food was outrageous, even for me, a non-vegan. My vegan friend said it was the best vegan food she has ever eaten. I enjoyed it as well. I had the Chipotle Walnut wrap; she had the Jicama Salad w/ Papaya. Prices are reasonable too. We will be back, the next time we are in Miami." Frank, Urbanspoon - View Here
"Highly recommend Choices! Had the Raw Wrap (delicious) followed by the Peanut Butter Brownie with Ice Cream (exquisite)! GREAT PLACE! And the people who work there are really, really nice people! This place has heart AND great food! GO!!! :D" Facebook - View Here

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